What Do We Do?

Writing Services:

Every author has a different story to tell—be it a memoir, a business how-to, a health guide, a political manifesto or a novel.

Every author has a different reason for wanting to write a book–be it for posterity, to sell in conjunction with seminars and conventions, to promote their career or to exercise their vivid imagination.

Before making any decision, Venture Press will arrange for you to meet or talk to four different ghostwriters. Why? Because every author has a different voice, a different personality and a different need. Every writer will have knowledge and experience in your particular area of interest and their professionalism will be reflected in the books they’ve previously written: all published by a major publishing house.

Venture Press will guide you through the process. But the story will be yours. The voice will be yours. The book -- in paper or ebook format, from a single copy to large quantities -- will be yours. We can help you make it happen.